GTA 5 vs. FAR CRY 6 | Ultimate Face-Off

GTA 5 vs. FAR CRY 6 (FC6) | Ultimate Face-Off (Gameplay, Physics & Graphics Comparison). In this video, multiple gameplay, physics & A.I. elements will be compared between GTA 5 & FC6!

We will examine NPC reactions, Water Effects & Graphics, Physics, Gameplay elements & much more!

So, which one does it better?

↓ Chapters ↓
00:00 - Bullets vs Water
00:34 - Aiming Guns at Drivers
01:23 - Driving Into Trees
02:10 - Climbing a Cop Car
03:05 - Grenade vs. Water
03:26 - Fire Propagation + Rain Effect
04:49 - Shooting a Tire
05:33 - Baseball vs. NPCs
06:59 - Drowning Animation
08:00 - Clothes vs Water
08:51 - Reaching Map Boundaries

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12 комментов

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  2. Beast Bhai
    When You Shoot First Bullet On Tyre In Far Cry 6 The Gas Releases ( Focus On The Sound ) . And In Second bullet It Burst Out . That's The Logic ?
  3. Ара Ос
    Blood cough in FC6 is the most realistic choke imoIf you try to ascend without air in your lungs and fight for your life, you can really start coughing up blood.That's no joke
  4. Vegas Withdrawal
    Chop took care of the bullies? You 're the one going around throwing shit at people. Lol
  5. Armaan Mulani
    GTA V is a Full fledged game. FC6 is born just now. Wait some time.
  6. YKZ MADARA 999
    I can't play none of the games I don't have a console at all
  7. Just EzzY
    finally ? GTA has got some real competition! Far Cry is on Rockstar's Level?
  8. Goes Rah
    Rstar always improved their gameshope thats everything miss at gta v can be more perfect on gta vior trilogy❤️

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