Far Cry 5’s Best Weapon In Far Cry 6, Special Tricks & More Weapon Locations (Far Cry 6 Best Weapons

Far Cry 6 best Weapons include the spas 12 , MGL-6 & MP34
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00:00 Intro
00:45 Spas 12
04:28 special shotgun trick
04:55 MGL-6
07:22 MP34

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  1. JorRaptor
    New Far Cry Credits giveaway: https://gleam.io/4ziqy/win-far-cry-6-credits-2Discord: www.jorraptor.com/discordSecond channel with extra Far Cry 6 gameplay: http://raptorroll.com/
  2. what is this
    You don't have to "push" the generator in the mission, after all its on a trailer. Just hook it up to the car close by and drive it over there, instead of using the unwieldy pushing.
  3. Fonzy
    I like all these weapon videos but in reality I kill just about everything with a single shot headshot from a silenced desert eagle pistol with armor piercing rounds. I just need other weapons to kill vehicles and animals. But liberate most zones and kill 95% of enemies with a pistol. Is the game just too easy? ?
  4. TopG82
    Stealth supremo gun is the best one shot kills and can't even see you lol
  5. Gdryver05
    Jor, I didn’t get any of the guns or outfits I was meant to get after beating the story, please help.
  6. jeff
    hey just a tip you can put into a video but if you press triangle on any piece of gear to inspect it, you can then select any style to change the look of your worn gear without affecting stats!
  7. dannydaw59
    The Urushi is as potent short range as shotguns. It's got a silencer and has armor piercing bullets. It can shoot medium range really well and the bullets are potent even on the torso of enemies. That revolver grenade launcher is the funnest weapon to play with. I like to play the shoot strait up and run to the spot where the round lands game but unlike every other game the grenade has a timer on it that makes it explode at the apex of the shot.
  8. Lukealex
    Am I the only one who just uses a penetrating rounds desert eagle with a 6x? It’s just too good.
  9. TheFatNinja2006
    Hey JorRaptor could you help me out and tell me how to unlock those laptops at every enemy base that we can hack
  10. spacep00ner
    im using the ksg right now and it insane almost full damage 100m headshots easily
  11. Sevy Diaz
    How do you change the color of the thing next to your minimap that says trespassing mine is yellow and really hard to see?
  12. aart benschop
    rms 18 is better in my opinion because of the magazine size and you can just reload the magazine

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