Far Cry 6 vs Far Cry 5 | Direct Comparison

Early Access Review code provided by UbiSoft.

Direct visual and gameplay comparison of the upcoming "Far Cry 6" and the previous mainline entry to the series, "Far Cry 5."

This video covers a ton of content for Far Cry 6 - all spoiler free, including various gameplay fetures, UI elements, and other aspects of the game that have been modified.

Both games are being played on the PC at their highest graphical settings, with ray tracing enabled when necessary. For gameplay sequences - AMD's Fidelity FX Super Resolution will be enabled to clean up performance.

Computer Specs used:
RTX 3090 Founders Edition
Intel i9 10900kf
32gb DDR4 (3200Mhz) DRAM
Installed on SSD

RX 6800 XT
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
32gb DDR4 (3200MHz) DRAM
Installed on SSD

*Also recorded on PlayStation 5 and XboxSeries X for gameplay sections*

Learn more about my setup here: g

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10 комментов

  1. Nick930
    Correction: -While Ubisoft Montreal helped with this - Ubisoft Toronto took the lead on this project, with assistance from Kyiv, Shanghai, Berlin, Phillippines, and MontpelieSo not just "Ubisoft Montreal" as I stated at the beginning.
  2. PKx Panz3r
    Your not going to mention how theres only 2 difficulty options now, Games Journalist and Normal, or how on both difficulty settings enemies are bullet sponges where in FC5 3 rifle shots would kill and enemy or 1 bullet from a bolt action sniper. and its mandatory to run supressed guns FC6 killing alot of the diversity in the weapon attachments. FC5 was better plain and simple.
  3. Andrew Recard
    Was the performance measured on a 4k resolution?
  4. Dragos
    One character stays in the shadow area, the other in the sun
  5. Alex Fitch
    I'm LOVING Far Cry 6.. definitely not disappointed!
  6. Kinzuko
    i dont like the bullet type mechanicsi dont like that they went back to the old way of presenting weapon modelsand im fine with them removing melee weapons in favor of the farcry 3 style manchette
  7. Raiden
    Company wants you to se the difference between these game"THEY'RE THE SAME THING"
  8. DualPerformance
    Amazing, 33 minutes of comparisons, good job for taking the time to record all the footage and edit for your entertainment

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