Far Cry 5 All Healing Animations

All Far Cry 5 Heal / Healing Animations!
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Bandage/Burns/Bees
00:26 Revive Ally
00:46 Revived by Ally
01:02 Revive Pet Cheeseburger
01:48 Revive Pet Peaches
02:29 Revive Pet Boomer
03:07 UNUSED Dislocations/Matches
03:33 UNUSED Pills/Arrows
03:47 LEGACY Shrapnel
04:26 LEGACY Dislocations
04:38 LEGACY Bullet Wounds
04:49 LEGACY Bandage
04:59 LEGACY Arrow/Knife Remove
05:09 LEGACY Burns/Bees
05:20 LEGACY Syringes
05:52 Special Thanks
06:02 Outro

2 коммента

  1. GameCompareCentral
    Thanks again for 10k subs <3 Might even reach 100k on day, seems many people appreciate these!If you know others that like this sort of content (comparisons, animations etc.), sharing with them helps a lot!My Playlist with Far Cry Healing Animations, will be adding more: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHIRd7nyZ1j1XFtu_Gr6oqKk2E6YmC7w7My Playlist with Game Finishers & Takedown Animations, will be adding much more: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHIRd7nyZ1j1sWy6BW_CyuC36PsQwryCY
  2. LoveJuice
    i hate how the character looks at the event of injury(for example the fire), then flexing, then putting it out. realistically you'd try to put it out even without looking at it

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