Forza Horizon 5 : Does RACE MODE Make Your Car Faster?!? (FH5 Gameplay)

Forza Horizon 5's Race Mode Science is here! We're jumping into Forza Horizon 5 Freeroam with the FH5 Mercedes AMG One to see in FH5 Race Mode makes you faster for FH5 Top Speed, Drag Racing and Races! Subscribe for more FH5 Gameplay, Let's Plays Customization and more!

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11 комментов

  1. AR12Gaming
    I had to do some Forza Horizon 5 Science to see if Race Mode actually makes your car faster!
  2. Kaeden Tonkins
    It would be cool if they added the ssc tuatara and the ssc aero into the game
  3. thirly
    Could you test if you still dont move if someone bumps into you in a convoy once the game is released
  4. Anonymous Sovereign
    Yeah that would really suck if you can’t put it in sport or race mode if the actual car has one they should put that feature on one car and not the other
  5. Daniël
    ford GT also has race mode, dk if its in the game already?
  6. YT E!PICS
    Hey nick please make us learn about the convertibles

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