Forza Horizon 5 — The Most INSANE Car In The Game!! Customization / Insane Racing & MORE!!!

In this video you will see absolutely everything I have planned over the next 2 weeks and I can't wait to share it all with you. To begin with, I can very proudly share my first ever Forza Horizon 5 video diving deep into the most ridiculous car in the game.. The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition!! This car has the most downforce and mid corner speed I've ever experienced in a Forza Horizon Game. You have to see it to believe it.
00:00 - Video Intro
00:42 - DJS Cinematic (What to expect over the next 2 weeks)
02:14 - Volkswagen Beetle Forza Edition / Mclaren GT Gameplay
02:32 - 24 Upgraded Cars
03:34 - Sesto Elemento Forza Edition Race #1
05:32 - Sesto Elemento Forza Edition Race #2
08:04 - Race #1 Cockpit View
09:49 - Race #2 Cockpit View
12:08 - Full Car Customization and Upgrades
13:37 - Much Improved V12 Engine Sound and Upgrades
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DJS Twitch - t
Song Names In Order -
- Rootkit - Oh You
- Gareth Emery & Standerwick - Saving Light
- Selah - They Dream By Day
- Sparkling Waters - Dylan Sitts
- Keys'n Krates - Dreamyness
- Discord - S
- Instagram - g
- Twitter - g
- Xbox Gamertag - Don Joewon Song
Frequently asked questions -
Are you on PC or Xbox Series X? - Xbox Series X.
Do you use a Controller or Wheel? - Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller.
What nationality are you and where are you from? - England, North Yorkshire.
What do you use to record videos? - Elgato Capture Card HD60S+ and Elgato 4K60+.
What do you use to edit your videos? - Power Director365 Ultra Edition.
What do you use to create Thumbnails? - Free Website - m
How long have you been playing Forza? - 9 Years but competitively for 4 Years.
Are you really addicted to biscuits? - HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES!!!!!
What's your dream car? - Toyota GT86 with my Intro livery on it.
What do you drive now? - A Dyslexic yet very magical Dolphin called Jeff Jr.
Do you work for Playground Games/Turn 10? - No, But it is the dream. ;)
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  1. Don Joewon Song
    I truly hope you enjoyed this video.. I can't wait to share everything I've been able to record over the last week.Thank you for your constant support and kind words, It truly means the world to me!! Don.
  2. Elmo6855
    FH5: We have brought back the Unbeatable Drivatars once againDJS: Seems this feature is not working in my beta version

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