A New Home! — Let’s Play Frostpunk HARD — Ep.1

We're starting a brand new Let's Play for Frostpunk - We're playing on HARD and following the Story as we prepare for the Great Blizzard. I'll be guiding you through the gameplay, and taking care of my Patrons! THE CITY MUST SURVIVE!
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9 комментов

  1. RepublicOfPlay
    This Let's Play will continue on my new Let's Play channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxb8STz7WB3Q1b8uM2k2jpgUploads will be every 2 days! - Thank you to my Patrons who have made this playthrough so much more fun!Also, I realise at the end, the Cookhouse was turned off! My bad!
  2. D Wolfe
    I can't from the life of me figure how were he is from. His accent, if he has any , sounds like American... But Canadian seems more likely, or Irish? Confused T_T
  3. Man with No Name
    Jesus fracking Christ. 8 mins in still no gameplay…Edit: 10 mins12 mins…
  4. Dosenwerfer
    I'm only watching your Frostpunk playthrough just now but I like it already. Very creative and nice touch with the patreon names ^^

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