FROSTPUNK RAP BATTLE — Faith vs Order | Dan Bull vs The Stupendium

Last year, I made a song about the awesome survival strategy game Frostpunk, and so did The Stupendium. This year, the game’s creators 11 bit studios have pitted us against each other in a mighty rap battle of the opposing purposes of Faith and Order. "A Purpose for New London"
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► Get the song on Google Play: SOON

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Words: The Stupendium, Dan Bull
Music: Dansonn ( )
Video: The Stupendium, Nick J Henderson ( )
Mr Menfolk ( )
CaptainBaconz (@CaptainBaconz)
AbiG666 (@_AbiG666_)
General Ayatomi (@GeneralAyatomi)
Scott (@GayNightStand)
Nick J Henderson
Special thanks to:
Imbue ( )
Lizzy C Jones

DISCLAIMER: This video was made on behalf of 11 Bit Studios as an advertisement for the video game Frostpunk.


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  1. Dan Bull
    The Stupendium and I have now also made a MINECRAFT Vs LEGO RAP BATTLE! Who would win? Watch here to find out:
  2. mark garrett
    You guys are the best on yt by yourselves, together it's unstoppable.

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