Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Comparison

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Seven minutes of head-to-head comparisons, with the video slowed down to 33 per cent speed in order to retain the image quality. Fairly close overall, but Xbox 360 has some clear texture issues that aren't resolved even by running the play disc from DVD or USB. Here's our full analysis: f

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  1. Arthur Morgan
    Don't mind this comment, just came here for nostalgia.
  2. Rin Ishikawa
    Has it really been 7 and a half years? I feel so old.Music: Bjørn Lynne - Aurora Polaris
  3. ElMariachi
    PS fanboys be blind xDThere are not just "better textures on ps3". but many little differences, and overall both score about same..

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