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  1. N. Bağ
    I am sure we will see a release on the Ps6. Rockstar's inexhaustible cash cow.
  2. Ace D
    Still miss the soft-body car physics from the ps3 version tho. They weren't near as good or fun in the ps4 version
  3. vidfreak56
    LOL PC doenst have to wait for good graphics. I feel sorry for consolers.
  4. tony _008
    Even in 2021 those PS4 shots look awesome. Let's see what the PS5/XSX can do
  5. João Lira
    The PS3 version is exactly as I remember. Same framerate too
  6. Neku Sakuraba
    The enchanced and expanded is looking good, oh wait
  7. para_cuja Gaming
    Can't wait for the PS3 vs PS4 vs PS5 vs PS6 vs PS7 comparison

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