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  1. Ahuga
  2. Aníbal Valdebenito
    WTF they are joycons at the end, but this video is from 2013
  3. Ajay 1999
    Jeez it’s been 5 years already it’s fucking crazy
  4. Anthony Rodriguez
    Please review Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge
  5. stonerdemon
    $14.99 on Amazon. Now it's finally the time to buy this game. And.... Ok, bought. Will arrive tomorrow.
  6. ArcadetheHedgehog
    But the GTA 5 map is SSSOOO boring the bottom of the map is city and the rest is dessert if rockstar spread out these "6 cities" or make 3 4 or 5 islands connected with bridges to cross this games map would be perfect to play at
  7. P Vaughn
    GTA 5 is AWESOME. The graphics are amazing, and there's so many ways to have a lot of fun outside of the missions.
  8. Kenneth Thompson
    Full of glitches & bugs..game handling is shit as well.
  9. Jaroslaw Jan Glowacz
    There has been a good law in USA that in a movie the bad guy can never win, should come back and this time apply to games too! No joke! And this game is crime propaganda! :-(
  10. Dobby Doo
    It was OK game but GTA 4 was better, if GTA 5 was released before GTA 4 it was cool but this is kinda trash

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