Сравнительный тест Grand Theft Auto 5 PC GTX 750 Ti против R9 280 1080p

Подпишитесь на более подробный технический анализ консолей и ПК: e

Прочтите нашу статью полностью: e

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  1. The Wiber
    What?! Guys, look at left up corner! "(Xbox's) A to exit benchmark"
  2. JoshyTheKing
    Guys come check out some benchmarks on my channel
  3. Gabriel Martins
    Is this game GPU intensive or CPU intensive? and where's a i5 build?
  4. Tylernol Hallicide
    Huh, my new rig has an AMD core 3.4 (speedburst to 3.8) and a GTX 750 ti SC from EVGA. So, If i turned of things like FXAA and turned that 16x AF in 1080p, could I perhaps average 60 frames on mostly high settings?
  5. Arief Ariffin
    in my country r9 280 cheaper than gtx 750 ti and gtx 760
  6. Yelrix 123
    Hello could this pc play gta 5? thanks!! http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-17-3-laptop-intel-core-i7-12gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-silver-copper-black/4453403.p?id=1219749489377&skuId=4453403
  7. john lacey
    I love reading these kind of comment, consoles are shit, PCs are amazing. lmfao. Two completely different demographics. Graphics quality isn't everything. I've done my time on PC gaming and loved it. I have a family now and there is nothing better than sitting on the sofa with my son playing two player Minecraft. Consoles are amazing if you enjoy gaming on the sofa or in bed while being social with everybody in the room. PCs are amazing if you have a lot of disposable income, crave amazing graphics and and don't mind sitting at a desk with your back to the room. Yes I know you can plug a controller in to your PC and plug it in the TV. But there is a certain amount of piece of mind that the game is just going to work on a console. I cant tell you how many times I've disappointed my super excited son because we have a new game on the PC, only to be spending hours figuring out DLL errors, sound problems, configuring graphics settings and random crashes. There is so much hardware variation on PC that its impossible to guarantee 100% compatibility. (my PCs have always been high end)My point is PCs are ideal for fairly technically minded people and consoles are ideal for the other 90% of the population. Of course its inevitable that PCs will be more powerful, its a constantly upgrading market but most people don't care, they just want to play a decent game.
  8. Hey its me! JM
    for the 750 ti id say WOW... for a graphics card that doesnt need an external power.. (no 6pin connector whatsoever) this is freakin impressive!! what more if it has an external powered version..... 0.o
  9. Christo Frank
    Amd athlon and 750ti. Makes for console fps and constant drops to 10 fps
  10. TshirtGuy
    so the 280 do really benefit on a more powerful cpu
  11. goonber
    what about a gtx 750 ti with i5 cpu? would that be good
  12. Kevin Echols-EL
    I'm glad I bought that r9 280 3 years ago. So now I know it can run gta v just fine on my pc
  13. Rohit Pai
    I Have a 750ti and mine runs like garbage on the lowest settings

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