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  1. Nick Britten
    I’d love it if it avoided all missiles by moving with unearthly speed. Then maybe taking out the helicopter like in Independence Day.
  2. Toxic_Dominat810 Gaming
    UFO's are the chariots of the Hindu gods, also known as the ALAYAM (Elohim) of the Torah. Anunnaki; creators of the reptilians.The reptilians; creators of the greys.
  3. Xray
    To further prove the theory that the UFO is the camera for the switch screen and your character, if you go on top of the UFO your screen will have a staticy effect. This is probably due to the UFO losing camera sight of you, since it’s cameras are located where it’s abduction beam would be (on the bottom).
  4. Modelo
    it sounds a little bit like what me and ricky heard one night and if he were here he could confirm it not the metallic screeching sound just more of the humming noise

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