Grand Theft Auto Online — вступительное видео

Добро пожаловать в Grand Theft Auto Online.


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14 комментов

  1. cawfee and greentea
    I love how Lamar greets fem mcIn a different way
  2. walt
    1:06 this dude is looking happy, but soon when he will meet tryhards he will regret he moved to los santos
  3. JulianC
    This is for all the Real Ones, The Ones that didn’t skip the tutorial. This Intro Brings back Nostalgia especially the Song. GTA 5 is a Game that will be remembered Forever.
  4. Zackery Sowers
    Came here because as of This Dec. they are discontinuing online for Xbox 360 and ps3 I know we still have our new generation consoles and better things but I just wanted to say Rest In Peace to our memories and making friends I made so many friends just riding around los santos when it first came out here’s to all of us! Rest easy gta online 360/PS3
  5. mrwaffle4321
    Does anybody know of a way to see this again with your character?
  6. Lennard Tilstra
    No opressor's, no tryhards just a fun game it was probably 1 of the best games ever..
  7. Yorichii
    Funny to think this video is really far from the reality in everyday gta online activities,,,,,,,
  8. JuanM V
    Empecé a jugar hace poco gta, la verdad era increíble el hipe que tenía por este juego y en poco se volvió mi juego favorito
  9. Mihai Bratu
    When 8 year-olds then are 8 year old players now.

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