Grand Theft Auto 5: тест частоты кадров при просмотре от первого лица

Подпишитесь на более подробный технический анализ консолей и ПК:/>
Прочтите наш полный анализ: f

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  1. Aedel Rasheed
    PS4 is better then Xbox one I am not hating Xbox one but in ps4 in nice
  2. Abelardo Báez Jofré
    Next-gen runs in 30 fps? I tought it was 60.
  3. Jonah Schiavone
    got a pc from craigslist for 35 bucks running at 50 fps lmao
  4. Hussein Khateeb
    does 30 fps on pc looks same as consoles or more laggy ???
  5. keiver antonio bejarano pulgar
    Graphic Setting GTA V...Pc - Ultra Hight 4kPs4 - Very HightOne - Hight
  6. Rasheed Eccleston
    Fun all then now Xbox one s better than ps4 and ps4 slim
  7. Riff Bear
    fuck the upper ps4 graph NEVER tracks the bottom half bar graph like at all. If you just watch the top left number youd think ps4 was solid 30 but watch the graph at te bottom and its not.
  8. Seiya D Luffy
    PS4 version could have better Framerate, but worst input lag, the FPS mode on Xbox one is nota big ideal because the input lag, is even worse on PS4, like every game that have input lag on both consoles PS4 takes the worst latency than Xbox One
  9. Silence _
    I am here after buying a ps5.... And looking at pple talking about ps4 and xb1 as next gen consoles in 5 yr old comments is relevent but hilarious???...... I didn't know GTA5 first person mode was this trash tho......

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