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  1. Alexander Catz
    Well Mikey boy, if you could see the weather in Los Santos now days you wouldn't want to be living there, I'll tell you that much.
  2. Тот самый мужык
    Бро проснись это было 9 лет назад
  3. Chaitanya Wagh
    Rockstar games plz make gta IV atleast for mobile
  4. Hamza Hashmi
    this is the 3rd time youtube recommended me this trailer in 9 years
  5. bu gumbu
    Cant wait to play it on march 2022 on ps5. Damn it took then 9 years to develope!!!.
  6. Reuben
    Was 9 when they released this trailer now 19 and they haven't even announced GTA VI

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