Grand Theft Auto 5 SpeedRun — Road To 100% (PS4)

I stream Tuesdays and Thursdays and upload on Saturdays also when I do a series let me know another one you guys would like to see. When possible join discord to know when and what time I stream I stream with friends or by myself hope you enjoy and past by the streams!! Have a good day Thank you for checking out my channel, I hope you enjoy your stay.
I am a streamer/Uploader with a disability that plays many different games. My goal is to create a good community for YouTube to make it better , I am trying to make it to were I am able to stream and post every day and looking for improvements all the time on this channel. Hope you enjoy the channel If you like my content consider subscribing so we can have more fun together as a community. Hope you have a good day.

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    an error accoured while I was streaming it I got to 40 missions and will be competing it in another stream sorry about the error

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