Grand Theft Auto 5 vs. Saints Row 4

The 2 biggest urban sandbox games of 2013 square off to see who's better. Join as we take a look at one of our most requested suggestions: Grand Theft Auto 5 vs. Saints Row 4. Special Thanks to our users offbeat08, TheGudZeBadAnDaFozzy & Shaun Mccluskey for suggesting this topic on the page!

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6 комментов

  1. IneedC
    GTA 5 is overrated. SR4 is better than it. But SR couldn't compete with other GTA game like Vice City, SA, 3 & 4 for sure.
  2. Floppa Flop Official
    For me i definetly choose saints row 4 over gta 5, gta 5 felt a little bland for me and going around the city feels better on saints row 4 and in a low - middle end pc gta 5 runs bad or really bad and in saints row 4 you can go max graphic sure it runs not that smooth but dang sr4 graphics are so DAMN GOOD
  3. Святослав Ковалевский
    Saints Row IV will win
  4. DeadWings
    Gta 5 is better in being realistic and saints row 4 is better in unrealistic things like super powers and aliens
  5. XboxClown89
    Today I gotten my fourth 100% completion in Saints Row IV. I'm still saying SRIV is the better game!!! Update: I recently gotten another 100% completion in SRIV, this time through Epic.
    GTA v developer just want to make money just wait and see when new console is released they'll cancel GTA online on PS4, but saint row is a good series but the game follow different path

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