GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 (Zero Punctuation)

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9 комментов

  1. yousri ny
    Problem with rockstar after gta 4 They priortize gimmicks And graphics more than gameplay and fun factor Just look at red dead 2 and gta 5
  2. 1231231232972
    main characters are not boring, they just manchilds like the general part of fan base
  3. PretzelDude
    I'd love to see a video on GTAV on PS5 and alllll the new story missions and cool single player things they added since ps3!.... (wait... what? it's the SAME damn game AGAIN?... looks slightly better... all the 'new' stuff is online only where you have to deal with a bunch of basement dwelling wankers shooting you every 10 seconds instead of actually enjoying the game?.... damn...) 😁.
  4. Khalid Al
    this game's world is boring. nothing to do but drive around killing npc's. take a game like rdr1 which was published by the same people, it had shit to do in it's world, other than killing npc's. rockstar needs to realize that people want something to fill the vast open world they were given. take mafia 3, a world so detailed, that became a drag to be in, cause there's nothing to do but drive to the location of the missions or collectables.
  5. Sina Zarin
    This game somehow is considered the best game ever. I play it once and i couldn't get myself to play it again.
  6. Danel Achaval
    I was playing GTA V last night. You know I honestly have not played that game since like 2013 when it came out. If I remember correctly when it came out there was an Xbox 360 version. Just like when Battlefield 4 came out there was an Xbox 360 version and then an Xbox One version. And I remember at the time thinking that the Xbox 360 version of GTA V was actually really really crappy. I've been playing the last few days on my laptop with the Nvidia RTX 2070 GeForce whatever the hell. The card that has like 24 GB less video RAM than the newest Nvidia GeForce and is slightly underclocked for the laptop but I got to say it looks pretty damn good on that. And I will tell you man it really does look like you're driving around in Los Angeles I even feel like the way they put the bums the cross out in front of you and say weird crap to you like asking you if you're famous or something it feels just like you're driving around in Los Angeles. Then of course there are all the criticisms that the GTA series doesn't have the type of stories that like Red Dead Redemption has. And I recently just replayed rdr2 and rdr1 with the rdr1 zombies. And yes you have this incredible Western setting with all the historical sections and Arthur Morgan is betrayed by Micah Bell and really Dutch vanderlin let everybody down but then John Marston has a second chance but then we know for the first game that John Marston dies. And you know what an incredible series Red Dead Redemption is and you just can't find that kind of historical Western feeling from any other kind of game series. Of course I'm always criticizing Red Dead Redemption. I'm always saying out of the top 10 games I've ever played I just wouldn't put it on the top 10 list. Does GTA V have anywhere near as good of a story as Red Dead Redemption? Oh hell no! But it gets to the damn point! Trevor comes back and just starts raping people and killing people and man is a hilarious and then you have to help the corrupt FBI or should I say FIB then I don't want to ruin the story in fact I don't even really remember the rest of the story but the guy whose house you pulled down because the tennis guy was banging his wife and then you ruined his house so then he demands 2.5 million because he was really a mafia guy that owns the house then you pay him but then for some other reason Trevor robs the guy so you can't go back into town without the criminals finding you and chasing you down and then once the criminals find you and they're shooting at you and you have to kill them basically they track you down to every block then the cops show up and it's annoying as hell and the cops will chase you all over the map. Etc etc I mean it's just a fun game that doesn't stop and you don't really play it for the story I mean the story's garbage but the story is still hilarious and the parts of the hood are pretty good you have three characters and one of them is a guy that's always getting caught up in all this gang stuff in the hood I really like those parts. Truly a good game it just has good gameplay. Definitely not an RPG like Final Fantasy 6 and definitely not a thriller horror puzzle Adventure type game like Resident Evil 1 or 2. Not really super sci-fi like Doom 3. But you know it has that gritty City feel like Duke Nukem 3D maybe without the puzzle elements of Duke Nukem 3D. It's funny because after Rockstar started making like the Red Dead redemptions I feel like people started criticizing the GTA series is not having nearly as good of a story nearly as an in-depth feeling characters not nearly as intricate of a world to explore with such detail not nearly as much emphasis on like this deeply created world of graphics and all this stuff. And you know they say that the story in Red Dead Redemption doesn't bounce around as much as it does like in Far Cry games minus Far Cry 3 because I actually thought Far Cry 3 was very on point with the story. You know the thing to me about rdr2 is just it's like you're trying to put a hundred games in one game and push so much stuff into one game and it just becomes very unrealistic after a while. It's almost kind of hard to argue in a way that any other game has been made with so much emphasis with so much of the story with so much to do so intriguing with so much work put into the graphics and the environment and endless exploration which in a way is kind of sounding like a Far Cry game. Really really deep. Not very realistic. Despite the emphasis on historical storytelling. Not very replayable. I mean you can replay it like once a year and be totally glued to it the whole time but. I just think you know when it comes to a game that you can just get to the point where there has a fantastic story or notAnd just play the missions and get to the game GTA V comes up pretty strong. Also the soundtrack to GTA V man it must have put like 300 songs in that thing. Also the songs all seemingly seem to be by artists that became famous in Los Angeles. I heard the refurbished versions of the first three GTA V games that just came out recently actually ended up sucking which sucks because to the games are based on Miami and New York with different names just like GTA V San Andreas is actually based on Los Angeles which funny enough Los Angeles is actually close to the San Andreas fault. I don't know to me GTA is always good for some entertainment and always good for a laugh. And even when I compare it to a game that gets to the point I mean I feel like GTA drags on all of them do I call it a game that gets to the point compared to much longer open world games. I don't know whatever I guess I'm done with that rant. And you know Trevor the guy that shows up that has to have a meth lab and create a meth lab and get into as much trouble as possible I feel like we can all relate to that crazy guy and usually a person like that is from like Los Angeles.All this game is missing is like a Leviticus Cornwall from RDR type person. Then again I guess the mafia boss they keep pissing off kind of ends up being a character like that.
  7. LTNetjak
    Almost 9 years later and they're still milking this game.
  8. This account is pending review
    I came here after learning that GT5 may be the most profitable piece of entertainment media ever made.Wow. This is the review it got?I don’t agree with Yahtzee too much on this either. The story thread in this game is very solid. The characters are fleshed out even as they are hopelessly flawed. Each character to keep seems like a reflection on the gta3 era of protagonists. Trevor is the kid of GTA 3, a reckless psychopath with high ambitions but low self care. Michael is like Tommy Vercetti, RIP Ray Liota, a career criminal who won it all but lost everyone who got him there, Franklin is like CJ, a gangster stuck in the game and usually having to deal with idiots.If you ask the question what game would you get if you blended all three GTA3 games, you’d get something like GTA5. I also liked the interactions between Michael and Trevor and how Franklin ultimately has to be the one to choose how they will resolve their rivalry. I stand by it being a well made game, and while certainly over marketed it did conquer the world so apparently the marketing was onto something.
  9. Blueskied Games
    2:42 Perfectly sums up the problematic gameplay design of GTA:1. Total freedom when outside missions2. When inside total instruction simulator

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