Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer — Part 503 — MK II WEAPON SPENDING SPREE!

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9 комментов

  1. Dyoung68 Savage Life
    Luv your weapons im a huge fan i have a bunker but not a mobile operator center
  2. Dominick Gonzalez
    His combat is kynda bad no offense like he just stands there and shoots that breaks all the rules abt shooting but everything else is good
  3. BlakeKevin Gaming
    Love the Resolution on the vid, so sharp, I liked the vid
  4. Brandon Jones
    Everytime I hear the "what's up guys welcome back to another episode of" I always think it's going to be "SUPER COOPER SUNDAAAAAAAAY" even though I know it's gta lol
  5. funnymandre
    I'm a few years late but I just got to say congratulations Captain Sean you are the captain of the Air Force GTA worldwide
  6. xxxtentacion fan X
    Keep rolling and reload your gun when you know you're about to get low take cover these are just some facts that you can use when you're in matches like this if you're on PlayStation for rolling it should be either circle or square for Xbox it should be x to roll either some facts that you can use when you're in death matches like this I'm not saying you have to but it could be helpful to you or whoever reads is coming trust me I don't like death matches but they're sometimes that they can help you and fun
  7. TheMisterixxx
    you literally bought the worst pieces for your guns

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