Michael Was NEVER In Witness Protection — You Don’t Understand GTA 5’s Story

I've heard this misconception a lot. Many have not put the bits of the story together to understand the bigger picture of what went down between Dave Norton, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Bradley Snider in North Yankton. I am not sure if I will do many GTA 5 lore videos, so I have just thrown this together. Obviously as I speedrun the Grand Theft Auto V, I have played it a bit more than most, and I am honestly not sure how obvious this would be to a casual player.

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8 комментов

  1. DarkViperAU
    Quickly made video, hopefully still gets the point accross. Supplementry information:- To answer my last question. I think Dave shot Michael exactly where it was planned for it to happen, but obviously it was intended to be less hectic, without the police on their heels. Whether Michael had armour (indicated by the sparks perhaps) or Dave intentionally missed and Michael faked being hit doesn't really matter.- Another reference to the deal existing prior to the heist is the flashback dialogue featured in the drive on Bury the Hatchet, where Michael discusses the deal with Amanda prior to the heist. He also references Dave as being a "nice guy" which I should have used to establish they had a good relationship early on.- It is also more likely that Steve looked into Dave's files and found out about Michael rather than Dave being the first to bring up the topic of Michael with Steve. I don't think it is mentioned anywhere, but Dave would probably not want to admit his career was based on a lie.- Apparently the phone conversation I referenced can be listened to when you first unlock Michael by calling Dave.
  2. LastAndroid
    What doesn't make sense is that the bullet didn't go through Brad and killed Trevor too. Dave used a sniper rifle, which is known as a weapon to be able to pierce through multiple targets in a straight line shot. But no, the bullet stopped in Brad and Trevor didn't die when Trevor was clearly behind Brad when Brad crossed Trevor.
  3. Rich Light
    Isn't there a line in the game .... somewhere ... I know I heard it. About how Trevor wasn't supposed to survive North Yankton
  4. Sabrina Carolan
    When michael gets shot and blood sprays out it could have been a packet of blood under his shirt😊
  5. Filippo Brando Battiston
    Maybe I love more the stories of GTA IV, GTA IV: TLAD and GTA IV: TBOGT (This trilogy is simply a masterpiece), but the game I've finished more time is GTA V (I only play the single player). It's simply unforgettable thanks to Its story, characters, setting, atmosphere, ecc...The game of the century? I agree.
  6. Micheal Lebowski
    i think dave is a professional guy, who knew the exact spot to shoot and not to kill michael. when you replay the prologue mission again, when everything goes not as planned (Brad gets shot, not Trevor), Michael looks at Dave like "cmon man shoot me", and Dave shoots him. So Michael should have get shot anyways according to the plan, so the Brad would see dead trevor and michael.
  7. Michael Miguelicutti
    I don't think Michael got shot. Sure there's that thumbnail of the blood at 3:19 but when you play the game there's no blood stain on his chest like Brad has.

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