Grand Theft Auto V — Animated Parody

Full with
Part 1 - Music Montage - Up to (03:15) (Feel free to skip if your not the music person)
Part 2 - 'Meanwhiles' Parody

Join the trio of probably the biggest coming since the N word was invented!

Main Characters
Michael - Guy with blue suit
Franklin - Black guy with blue shirt
Trevor - Balding guy with white shirt

Supporting Characters
Amanda: Woman with pink hat
Patricia: Old woman with pink clothes
Ifruit girl: Bikini girl
Jimmy: Fat guy who always dies
Lamar: Black dude with fro
Chef: Bald guy with glasses
Mr. K: Tortured guy
Dr. Friedlander: Afro dude drawing d*cks
Solomon Richards: Old director guy

N*gga who stole the bike
Saints Row Chef - Final part of torture scene
Saints Row President - During dream sequence
Zombie Cosplayer - Killed by Leon
Leon: Kills zombie cosplayer
The Dog: Franklin's talking dog
Aiden: Guy hacking the website, guy with cap and mask
Big Smoke: All you had to do is to make a description
CJ: guy on bike
Slenderman: Random guy hit with lazer
Nico Bellic: Guy beat up by golf clubs

Easter Egg Randoms: (can you find them all)
(I.E. Big Foot)
(Coming Soon)

Easter Egg Icon References: (from objects up to cameos)
(I.E. Phreak cameo on bar scene)
(Coming Soon)

Director Notes:
Feels good doesn't it?
1. We really went improvement from here ever since the Saints Row 4 Parody, Graphics are now a huge haul together with art style and backgrounds, I mean look at dem birds at the end sunset scene.
2. We Tried to not fully cover the game's storyline because we might spoil the great game for PC players, so we just managed to compile the missions and the fun parts
3. Have fun with all the Jimmy death montage!

Director Favorites:
1. CJ Scene
2. Random Jimmy Death Moments
3. Please Son!
4. N*gga Concert
5. Your a hipster aren't you Trevor?

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