Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Worth Playing In 2021?

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Been Going Strong For Almost 7 Years Now! But Is It Still Worth Playing In 2020, I Give A Full Review For Both The Campaign & Online And All They Have To Offer!

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  1. Beduard Lex
    I think you're mistaken a game. A few days ago I downloaded the latest version from torrent and I didn't find anything that was different from my experience 3 years ago. And GTA online has absolutely nothing to do with GTA 5 because the first one is a cash milking machine and the other is a somewhat finished product. I hoped it would at least get better but I was wrong
  2. Senko S.
    i just really dislike all the protagonists and the dialogue in some of the missions feels like a scuffed cartoon on the midnight channel. its very bad imo and i couldnt bring myself to finish this. if only they would just remake VIce City so i could enjoy GTA again.
  3. Matt Niedbala
    to put it into perspective, I was in my first year of middle school when GTA V released, I'm now graduated from high school and GTA V is releasing again
  4. Micha B
    GTA V online is just way to grindyLoading screens were awefull last time I played it.Heists weren't really fun.
  5. CardSharpHS
    Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Worth Playing In 2021? How about in 2027 on PS6? Only Rockstar know for sure...

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