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  1. J.M. Mencias
    Back when R* actually made good game trailers instead of the recycled and vague garbage for E&E.
  2. Fimi Fathi
    Micheal:his families problemTrevor:wth i didnt knowFranklin:GANGSTA PARADISE
  3. nrl footy updates
    Franklin: the gangbangerMichael: the bank robber/having an annoying familyTrevor: angry/gross/uncle of the year
  4. Vedant Thakur
    WTH they uploaded it 3 times separately to earn more money
  5. Harpreet Singh
    Love you rockstar for making my life with full of fun ♥️♥️?
  6. Rihixy
    Michael and Franklin my favourite trevor too makes my childhood
  7. J G
    Lets all admit the trailer looked better than the actual gameplay

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