Lifeless Planet (Ep.12) — The Monster [Ending]

This is Lifeless Planet, a game where we follow an astronaut on a trip to another planet, but the mission is a failure, as the ship crashes and we are stranded in a very weird place. In this episode, the mysterious woman makes the ultimate sacrifice.

From Lifeless Planet, developed by Stage 2 Studios and published by Lace Games and KISS.

Music for this video:
"Follow The Road" - Josh Woodward (
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5 комментов

  1. Dime ¿Quien Eres?
    Seriously I like this game Man I wish more games about this I'm finish to ?
  2. TomFM 8
    I tried to finish the game after coming back 3 years later and not surprisingly my progress wasn’t there
  3. Necrotic
    bored to tears after 3 hours so I decided to go here instead after chasing that half naked freak of a woman.
  4. Jerry Mudoola
    its hard to find such good quality content like this most people dont have gameplay like this.

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