Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition — Обзор

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Photography Gamer обзоры Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition для Playstation 4.

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Продюсер - Photography Gamer

Исполнитель: Petruality
Дорожка: 8-битный логотип аркадной игры Chiptune
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Художник: Секстиль
Трек: Dreaming Blue
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5 комментов

  1. Michael Coffey
    I am glad No Mans Sky getting better and better is now spawning more science fiction exploration games. Looks a little too bland for my tastes, but I am happy it was made and hope this showcase finds it's audience.
  2. vinniecorleone62
    A good review on the essence of this outstanding little game, I think created by one individual. I was pleasantly surprised by how immersive & addictive advancing in this game was, I played it through over a couple nights, a very chill experience.
  3. Chris DF
    I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while but the graphics actually look a lot better than I thought they’d be, going to have to pick it up
  4. Dan Penelope
    Dude I think you are great but how are you managing to put out so many review videos so fast? Did you just stock pile them and then upload them super often or do you just spend most of your life reviewing random old and new video games?
  5. Dale Macarena
    Do you hate switch console? Or you don't see games wiki fit what consoles it's also available on? This is not first time you do this you've done it before. I'm sure switch owners would appreciate info if available in their system

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