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  1. Crumbs
    Bruh 1 MAN made this whole game?!Then this is a fucking awesome game
  2. Jacky Mo
    Just finished it and ugh, brrrother... This was such a drag, the terrain gave me a headache and the little thing Witcher players don't like about the walking, yup, it's here and it is fricking frustrating! The story was very intriguing at the beginning, but damn did it go 180 into complete nonsensical BS. The whole design and story was clearly getting worse, level by level. The buildings at the end (Which I'll not spoil) and the whole aesthetic of the level, pre-ending was a rushed mess.Conclusion: Started off with a strong premise and ended as a MAJOR disappointment.
    I will be pretty honest, I don't know what kind of level design this man is talking about, the game most of the times is just too empty and straight. If there wasn't that music on the background it would become totally unplayable. Just imagine RDR2 but without those beautiful surroundings, it is just even boring to look at. The controls are not bad but they are not smooth at all. Even roblox has better controls. I have played for an hour and can't play it anymore. I would rate it as 5/10. (I am not hating this game but telling you that it is pretty boring and that you should not waste your time on it. Graphics are ok considering it is a one person made game but the level design is meh and storytelling is too slow)
  4. Les
    its good game. the story gets really interesting if people take the time to read the logs.
  5. Kolyambus55RUS
    A very atmospheric game, from the point of view of immersion in the character's world ... It seems that you are standing on Earth, but this is not her ... You see the light, but this is not the Sun ... You cannot see anyone, and you cannot hear anyone. .. Who can tell you that this is reality?And yes, I played this game five years ago, thanks to the author! But maybe I'm still on this planet ... On this Lifeless Planet ... Maybe I am this character? ...
  6. manbolo2
    wft, all the talk about story and atmosphere and shit, all i see is a crappy silent game with nothing happening, just jumping around and running with no enemies of challenges whatsoever?
  7. mohannad alquman
    if that game had triple-A game Resources it will fall right in the top 50 games of history and won a game of the year award, the story itself is so interesting and could be made into a large lore
    one of the best indies ever created. It is a Must
  9. Inspired Champion
    I am gettting it now on ps4 store. Thanks for review buddy
  10. A Grill Has No Name
    Really? Lol. You have no clue about how to do reviews. This game is a boring garbage walking simulator. Beautiful? Look at the crappy graphics, everything is the same color, brown, it's like the moronic devs didn't learn different colors. Watch this one instead for a better and more honest review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm8BZk0ZcLk
  11. humbughumbughumbug
    What's more frustrating than the jetpacking to tiny landing targets? Trying to push anything at all. It doesn't make sense.That being said it has less polish than say KyRtZero, but it's more enjoyable because it's actually a game.

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