Am I The Drama? — Little Nightmares — Part 2

Let's play Little Nightmares on PC! This is a live stream from 08/22/2022. In this episode, we we head to the kitchens and escape the chefs, pop over to the buffet and flop around with the guests, and then finally meet the woman and find the mirror.

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10 комментов

  1. Pancake22
    So entertaining watch you play this game. And omg yes!!! When you were near the ladle, I'm like "This is like Jurassic Park." I agree with you 100%. The first Jurassic Park was the only good one. The second one was alright, but all these new ones are absolute garbage.
  2. pugs
    Today has been….a day and I am so thankful I get to sit down and watch this tonight. Thanks Joe 💜
  3. Alexa Ballance
    I love this game! Just finished it, finally. You calling the chef twins couple goals took me out 👯‍♂️
  4. Alexa Ballance
    Just a lil pocket cheese for later, we love to see it 🧀⏰
  5. Jamaica Igot
    hey! do you mind posting the audio version of these video on audea? I'd like to listen more than watch and that's where I get most of my audio content!
  6. jae
    loved watching you play this game so i don't have to haha. also, i learned recently that the little turds (nomes) who show up at the end when you're exiting the ship are all the ones you've hugged throughout the game!
  7. Ari
    Fav gamer on YouTube, can’t stop watching, we love you joe!!!

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