LITTLE NIGHTMARES — All Bosses (No Deaths)

All Bosses in Little Nightmares with no deaths on PC in 1080p 60fps.

All Boss Fights:

0:00 First Boss - The Janitor
12:28 Second Boss - The Twin Chefs
26:05 Third Boss - The Guests
33:43 Final Boss - The Lady
38:27 Ending

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7 комментов

  1. The Game Archive
    Little Nightmares DLC - ALL BOSSES :
  2. Irsyad Daniel
    did you know in little nightmare 2 six betrayed mono and mono became thin man
  3. Zyshaun Walden
    This is like the scariest game of hide and seek
  4. sus among us thing
    Little nightmares 2 is a prequel and it’s probably called that because there’s two characters and in little nightmares 1 there’s only six to play as so yeah and shadow six pointed at the jaw on the map meaning that’s why six is here

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