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  1. HalfTimesTwo
    I finally beat this mission on classic difficulty (PC, Xbox controller). Here are some tips to help you save time and come in first place:1. If you're not at least in 3rd place after the car that gets totaled in the 4th turn during the first round, restart the race.2. If you're not at least in 3rd place entering the 2nd round, restart the race.3. If you're not at least in 2nd place entering the 3rd round, restart the race.4. Follow the tips in this video about cutting the first 2 corners in the 2nd and 3rd turns by driving through the grass. This was the single most helpful tip I found in any video on the subject.5. You don't necessarily need to slow down in the 4th or 7th (2nd turn after the S-curve) turns. Instead, you can use your slam here while turning to help you turn better.6. Just remember to slow down sufficiently for the 1st turn and S-curve each lap. I can't count the number of times I was in top-3 only to screw up the whole race because I was being greedy and didn't slow down enough here.7. Generally try to avoid any and all contact with other cars.8. Block when you're in first place and prioritize safe turning over speeding ahead.Hope this helps and you can get past this piece of shit mission in an otherwise great game.
  2. Shadow28
    Thank you dude. Shit took over 3 fucking hours. Bullshit race, bullshit RNG. I had so many fuck ups when I won, it was just RNG on my side
  3. Pviy
    So stupid… I have to do a hard ass race after paying for a mafia game
  4. Gorjessy
    i was almost at the top and then this stupid ass yellow car came out of nowhere, holy fck first valhalla and it's shitty glitch and then this too,

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