Mafia II Definitive Edition vs Original | Direct Comparison

Direct visual comparison of the recently released Mafia II: Definitive Edition and the original 2010 version of Mafia II on the PC.

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  1. Nick930
    Quick Correction:-Empire Bay* not City-you can see eyelashes on some characters, but its incredibly subtle-Vito SCA-letta - not SCAR-letta. Been saying it wrong for years, never even noticed.
  2. Kalashinov1945
    Mafia II classic is the best one for me and Mafia I Definitive
  3. Jonathan Baldomero
    There is no motorcycle in mafia 2 definitive edition?
  4. Col1990
    These are some of the best comparison videos I’ve seen I’ve just subbed
  5. Alexander Kunz
    4:13 Mafia II AI big brain moments on that bridge
  6. Slick
    In my opinion, with today's rigs, just play the original maxed out on 4k and looks and feels amazing. If you want, you can inject some AA and shaders using ReShade. It's tons way better than the remaster. The textures on the face does not bring too much to compensate with the other issues this version has. To rap it up, thanks a lot Nick for another great video!
  7. Da.shArk87
    if only they bumped up only the textures and left everything else untouched. I don't like the "reddish" tint they made, i hate their new face visuals, they look creepy and way worse for afar. The only thing i liked is some textures got higher resolution, higher detail, they should have bumped up every texture.. that's my opinion
  8. Carlos rodriguez
    Gta triology if remastered should looks as good as this but if a remade then it would look way better but I’m not getting my hopes up because rockstar have been a bit disappointing lately.
  9. Kai Atlas
    I knew there was basically no difference. Thought I was crazy. Kinda sad like people say. Really wanted the way they move in combat and walking to be improved and the whole if you walk into a character by accident it knocks them entirely off course, I was hoping that would have changed. I really don't care about graphics tbh, never have, was hoping the gameplay would have been modernised and improved.

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