Evolution of MAFIA Ending (Mafia 1 vs Mafia 2 vs Mafia 2: DE vs Mafia Definitve Edition)

Evolution of MAFIA: Definitive Edition Ending (2002 - 2020)

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The Mafia: Definitive Edition ending is no surprise to long-time MAFIA fans as the ending to this game can be seen now across 4 different, yet same MAFIA games. Today we're taking a look at the EVOLUTION of MAFIA Endings and taking a look at what's changed. Which has surprisingly been a lot over the past few years. Stay tuned because in the coming days we will be showcasing MAFIA: Definitive Edition SECRETS all MAFIA: Definitive Edition Easter Eggs and so much more that you may have missed.

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  1. ZacCoxTV
    I'm in the process of moving but stay tuned tomorrow for some GTA and MAFIA content! I hope y'all enjoy. This is such a breath of fresh air to have something enjoyable to post instead of boring GTA videos. GTA just doesn't have anything new, so even the best ideas are tiresome. Please leave a thumbs up on the video! Love you all.
  2. Nick Miller
    Where’s mafia 3 ? I really enjoyed it even though they could have cut a little bit of the racial stuff out but still a good game
  3. Jurassicgamer27
    I had played mafia 2 on the ps3 with my dad and I finally beat mafia 1 remake and I Immediately Recognize zito and joe
  4. Christopher Bradley
    This scene alone made me glad I played mafia 2 first. Tommy was just some random npc to whack off.Then I finished the remake of 1 and it blew my mind when Vito and Joe showed up and it hit me that I’d been playing as that random npc the whole time ?
  5. Mafia x James
    Still think the mafia 2 cutscene is the best. Joe looks goofy in the mafia 1 remake and the scene in mafia 2 hits different
  6. Toja Tak
    Everything would be better in mafia remake exept the most shitty sound design why the fck they couldnt use the same awesome music ??? Like wtf this new trash music is just ruining the experience
  7. William Wen
    Tommy model in M2DE is updated & resembling the end M1DE, i kinda hope they change the cutscene like M1DE but this is good enough ?

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