15 советов по Metro Exodus, которые нужно знать перед игрой

Вот 15 лучших советов, которые вам нужно знать перед игрой в Metro Исход!
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  1. 81_Monish_ Roy
    It is written N/D to use medkit in metro exodus but it's not working . Can anybody tell me how to have a medkit in metro exodus?
  2. Puppy Puppington
    I haven’t met that guy but once I crossed south to the first safe house in volga where u find the A-Shot, 1st crafting table I found... I was given the option to craft the compass on my wrist gear... so u don’t have to meet that guy first... that’s a myth.
  3. Puppy Puppington
    Yeah. They’re all fucking insanely talkative! It’s creepy how psychotic they are when it comes to dialogue hahaha.
  4. Artudela 00
    In all 3 metro games, i would take little breaths from the gas mask and take it off until artyom starts suffocating to save on filter time while exploring
    Thanks. I’m about to start this. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.
  6. vikram vishwanath
    Shooting the leg was a good tip for that heavy armored guy.. i dint know that.. i used to throw a molotov upon him and let him burn!!
  7. Lunar Lighthouse
    For new players, make sure to take out the slavers in Volga. Free the captured fanatics and they’ll give you a key to get NVGs near the end of the level
  8. rahul
    I finished the game and didn't know I could use the backpack to change parts :(
  9. Gail Joe
    Like in other metros, if you have an AI person able to kill things for you, get in a defensible position that is out of the way. Let the AI kill most of them with their better gun and bullets.When dealing with mutants, sometimes running to objective is better than standing still to find and kill a thing when it is already hitting you.Hang out by each friendly NPC and they will talk to you. Character and story building time, pause and get a snack they are each quite chatty.
  10. Ozytastic
    Here's a question I have that could be a good tip, how exactly do you get back all the attachments you lose when you fall in the river in the taiga and if so is there a way to prevent it? Because by the time you get your backpack back from the pirate you have to rediscover all of your attachments from weapons that are dropped like the extended mag and stock for the kalash as an example. By the time I'm at the final level I'm missing like half the attachments I found over time like the magazine for the shambler, the green laser sight, etc. I don't know if maybe I somehow missed something or it's a bug but it's kind of annoying having just gone back after some time to replay the story and I'm missing alot of the valuable attachments I found. I never even leave a gun on the ground without completely taking all the parts and will actually take the time to make absolutely sure I didn't miss anything.
  11. aaronthegamer 2 yes
    I didn't get the metal detector I just left that chapter and I don't want to play through the game again because I hate the spiders

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