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Metro Exodus - видеоигра-шутер от первого лица, разработанная 4A Games и опубликованная Deep Silver. Это третья часть серии видеоигр Metro по романам Дмитрия Глуховского. Он будет следовать за событиями Metro 2033 и Metro: Last Light.

Metro Exodus - шутер от первого лица. игра с элементами ужаса выживания и стелса. Действие игры происходит на постапокалиптических пустошах бывшей Российской Федерации. Игрок должен справиться с новыми опасностями и вступить в бой с мутировавшими существами, а также с враждебными людьми. Игрок владеет арсеналом самодельного оружия, которое можно настроить с помощью сборочных материалов и системы крафта. В игре сочетаются линейные уровни и песочница. Он также включает в себя динамическую погодную систему, цикл дня и ночи и среду, которая меняется вместе с сезонами по мере развития сюжета. Он будет установлен в течение одного игрового года

10 комментов

  1. Shane
    i waited for steam release and just finished it, pretty good game
  2. dave bas
    I played this game it's way worse then base Fallout 4, didn't even finish it. I don't care much for graphics, I do care about art direction and immersion. This game had neither. I think the sandbox approach doesn't fit Metro. The world was empty so what was the point?
  3. Ali Chamas
    It's a great game, my only gripe is the extended dialog you need to sit through to get on with actually doing something. Feels like they indulged a bit too much in content creation instead of keeping the player engaged. Still, great stuff especially the enhanced edition.
  4. Aleksander Klaas
    In my opinion it was worse on the consoles, as theres no "fast turning" and the performance is worse.Dont forget about the good ending, about how hard it is to get
  5. Atinesh
    I finished Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition with good ending, damn it looks so gorgeous those high quality textures, ray traced global illumination ?
  6. alexsander pereira
    Both endings made me cry, this is the most emotional and deep game ive ever played, and encouraged me to read the books. I recommend to play all the series, as i conquered all trophies and i can asure this is more than AAA experience, changes your perspective a about morality and freewill
  7. friedipar
    A great game, but it has too much talking! And i don´t mean the chats you and your friends have on the train - those are awsome - but the constant chatter in your ears during missions. A lot of the atmosphere is in the moments when you are genuenly on your own in spooky places and it ruins it for me when i have a companion that comments on EVERYTHING!Also, if you have the "Sam´s Story" DLC, play it on russian with subtitles! Trust me, it´s a treat
  8. xHideousFoxx
    I loved the first two. haven't picked this one up yet.

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