Minecraft Dungeons Launcher Fix!

Does the Minecraft Dungeons Dedicated Launcher say Buy Now? You pre-ordered the game and installed it but can't get in to play? I had the same issue! Use this to get in and play!



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"Plain Loafer" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. edvin dahlqvist
    i bought it from "minecraftdungeons.net" and when i try to run it from the launcher it just says "buy now" and i cant run it from microsoft store bc i didnt buy it from there, what do i do?!
  2. Choppernator
    I found if you open the search bar in windows 10 and type mc dungeons, wherever you bought it, it should come up as "downloading" and should work :>
  3. Robert Del Rosario
    Okay guys! if you still have not figured it out I hope I can help. All you have to do after you purchase the game at minecraft.net go to your minecraft launcher. then click on the settings on the bottom left corner. Go to account. Add your microsoft account and set it as "active" this will then allow you to download and play. You will have to set your mojang account to "active" if you want to play the java edition again. hope this helps!
  4. Artcrafter
    when i try to run it from the Microsoft store it says dungeons.exe
  5. Cippo
    You're pro, I've also fixed the launcher in a similar way, by creating a game link to desktop and launch it from the link and not from the launcher!But seriously, I hope that Mircosoft will fix this or I'll keep calling it Mircosoft!
  6. test account
    there is no play button it only says manage and when i click on the manage button it does nothing how does this help?
    i bougt it back in 2020 but i never got it, and i thougt it was because i used the origenal launcher used for minecraft. But thanks
  8. Lars Syb
    It wont work for me. I bougt it like 1 year ago or something like that, and now it has been removed from my Microsoft account. It's not in my purchase history anymore and i feel scammed.
  9. Finley Greene
    mine sometimes says buy now, other times it says play. i dont have the dungeons launcher, just the standard minceraft one with all 4 games. My microsoft account is active, yet it still says when im in the game that ownership failed. tf do i do

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