Minecraft Dungeons — All Boss Fights + Both Endings (All DLC included)

A compilation of all 13 bosses in Minecraft Dungeons for PC, Xbox, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. This includes all of the DLC pack bosses.

Note: The Nether DLC pack doesn't feature any bosses sadly.

Main game:
0:00 Corrupted Cauldron - Soggy Swamp
0:46 Evoker - Pumpkin Pastures
2:03 Nameless One - Desert Temple
3:12 Redstone Golem - Redstone Mines
3:55 Redstone Monstrosity - Fiery Forge
4:36 Mooshroom Monstrosity - ???
(Secret level, collect all runes. Video guide: )
5:38 Final Boss - Arch Illager + Heart of Ender - Obsidian Pinnacle [Ending 1]

・Jungle Awakens DLC・
9:14 Jungle Abomination - Overgrown Jungle

・Creeping Winter DLC・
10:17 Illusinator - Frosted Fjord
10:44 Wretched Wraith - Lone Fortress

・Howling Peaks DLC・
11:52 Tempest Golem - Gale Sanctum

・Hidden Depths DLC・
14:26 Ancient Guardian - Abyssal Monument

・Echoing Void DLC・
17:02 Vengeful Heart of Ender - Broken Citadel [Ending 2]

8 комментов

  1. BanekilledU
    Any recommendations for uniques to hunt for ? I only have the frosty and jungle dlc
  2. Skull crawler
    Dude the howling peaks have a miniboss and it was rampart captainAnd also the hidden depths have a miniboss and it was drowned necromancer and elder guardian.And also there was a endersent on echoing void dude.
  3. Roblox gaming
    The vengeful heart of ender is hard to beat but somehow I beat the gane
    There were 5 dlcs and no one frickin tell me about them
  5. John Koji
    14 :39 problem for my monuments too long now be gone from this place or I have to kill you as the urgent guardian will be dangerous traversing the seas you should just left me guttering up in power

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