SPOOKIER FALL — All Halloween Seasonal Trials Exclusive Gear Showcase in Minecraft Dungeons

Spookier Fall is a new Halloween Seasonal Trials event which allows you to get awesome new Exclusive Unique weapons and armor in Minecraft Dungeons. Starting from the 13th of october until the 2d of november, you will be able to get your hands on the Skull Scythe, Cackling Broom, Cauldron Armor, The Gouldron Armor, Web Bow and Phantom bow Uniques. I will explain where to hunt for these Seasonal Trial Daily items and share their stats and looks. Make sure to be in time to get these time limited items. Enjoy!

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3 коммента

  1. Rayyan Jawaid
    how to do you stop being disconnected in events because under my emeralds i have a red X
  2. Steve Armendariz
    The event on my gameIs on live and won’t work when disconnected
  3. Ed Nelson
    I noticed that the items have a time thing on the bottom left. ( I forgot what it’s called) I hope that doesn’t mean you can only have them during the event.

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