FINDING THE BEST GEAR — 6x Raid Captains Epic Daily Trial Loot Runs in Minecraft Dungeons (XXL)

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We found the Max Power Level loot in Minecraft Dungeons! In this video, I am farming all the Tier 3 Daily Trials of today on the highest Apocalypse Plus difficulty with the addition of 6 Raid Captain banners to increase the Power Level of the Mission reward to the highest possible. This allows you to find max power level items when completing any level with tier 3 daily trials and all those captain modifiers. I managed to find the best loot in the game using this method by skipping all the Captains and save them for the end, so I can pick up their banners and get insane modifiers at the very end. Without any enemies left, you can easily finish the mission and claim the crazy rewards. I managed to find multiple items with +260 Power Level, including a Bubble Burster on 262!

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6 комментов

  1. 04AM
    In today's video, I am clearing ALL Tier 3 Daily Trials on the Max Apocalypse difficulty and get my hands on the best loot in the game ? This Episode is XXL as the adventures were next level! Enjoy Like the video format? Make sure to let me know in the comments
  2. Wendy French
    omg i am blushing for you to do this! i don't know what's gonna happen!
  3. NightAngel
    I heard rumors 264 is the highest, can anyone confirm?
  4. SenFruit Animations
    Max power level is 262!NAH ITS ACTUALLY 263!

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