5 Best Heroes To Push Rank With Ease | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Heroes that'll help you to push rank to mythic with ease

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  1. Dipankar Nandi
    Learn Tank first! No one gives value to this role despite it is as crucial as a jungle. So focus on this role too and stop cursing them. A Tank has to rotate the whole map while side laners stick to one lane
  2. Dabi
    Lunox haya is fineRest is just ur personal preferenceRoger works in solo q with no game sense all playing my phone my wishBut in 5 men not so goodMartis...i doubt even works in solo or trioEven martis tank is useless
  3. Baring Licud
    Guys pls help me the highest rank i can get is epic 3 give me tips pls orCarry me my ign is Minato Namikaze I main lance and my profile pic is also lance hero skin current rank is epic 3 4 stars :)
  4. Man of April
    Layla the best to push rank every season all the rest comes second to her.
  5. Meowmeow FIGHT
    Theos can u try playing dyrroth as side laner I would want to learn how to play him efficiently
  6. Muhammad Mahdin
    Good list but I don't agree with the Haya war axe factor. He's still plenty strong without using war axe. I main haya and I build according to the enemy comp which means in 50% of the matches I don't use war axe and can still dominate the game. It all depends on how good you can utilize his 2nd skill. My wr this season with him is 75%.

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