Ori and the Blind Forest Soundtrack (Full)

Ori and the Blind Forest OST.
Composer: Gareth Coker

0:00 - Ori, Lost In the Storm (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
1:10 - Naru, Embracing the Light (feat. Rachel Mellis)
2:36 - Calling Out
4:06 - The Blinded Forest
7:36 - Inspiriting
9:01 - First Steps Into Sunken Glades
13:37 - Finding Sein
15:24 - Up the Spirit Caverns Walls (feat. Tom Boyd)
21:02 - The Spirit Tree (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
22:52 - Kuros Tale I - Her Rage
24:11 - Thornfelt Swamp (feat. Tom Boyd)
28:20 - Down the Moon Grotto
32:17 - The Ancestral Trees
34:08 - Gumos Hideout
37:15 - Breaking Through the Trap
38:13 - Climbing the Ginso Tree
43:55 - Restoring the Light, Facing the Dark
46:25 - The Waters Cleansed (feat. Tom Boyd)
48:29 - Lost In the Misty Woods
53:17 - Home Of the Gumon
58:26 - Escaping the Ruins
1:00:48 - Kuros Tale II - Her Pain
1:02:46 - Riding the Wind (feat. Rachel Mellis)
1:07:49 - Completing the Circle (feat. Rachel Mellis)
1:10:11 - Approaching the End (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
1:11:22 - Mount Horu
1:14:20 - Conundrum
1:15:45 - The Crumbling Path
1:18:14 - Racing the Lava
1:18:44 - Fleeing Kuro
1:22:35 - The Sacrifice (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
1:25:45 - Light of Nibel (feat. Aeralie Brighton)

Definitive Edition: A

15 комментов

  1. yoki plays to much undertale and deltarune
    Hello different fandom this is good
  2. Aleksandar Ivanov
    The Water Cleansed is the best musical representation of flowing clean water I've ever heard
  3. Best Of Titan
    Dude never played or watched ori but this music is awesome!
  4. Philippe Cirse
    I saw & heard fountains of chocolate milk gush from her paradise, without laughing the stars began to chat and ceased to scroll and we to grab hold of their golds at dawn. The sun was dizzy and the moon, stirred, hid behind a section of clouds in the shape of a barbapapa ?
  5. Your Local Commenter
    It's been 6 months - I have been looking for that song for 6 m o n t h s(Completing the Circle)
  6. Jeremy LeMaster
    The beginning cello part of Thornfelt Swamp at 24:22 sounds like the same beginning melody of the Assassins Creed III Theme: https://youtu.be/6txJ-tmR3Zg
  7. Jaim Diojtar
    have you noticed that youtube deleted most of the game uploads? i saw a version of the ost of separates videos instead of this single one and now its gone
  8. ShootTheAlarmClock
    .....whoever downvoted this has dust in their veins and splinters in their soul....
  9. R. T
    Very beautiful sondtrack! Can't select which one is the best.
    I have never played this game before but someone recommended me the soundtrack and oh my GOSH am I so glad i decided to check it out, this music is absolutely gorgeous
  11. Digital Wolfツ
    My older brother showed me Minecraft story mode, unravel, and these two games. All the memories I have with him and these games makes me wanna cry. He moved away now and I miss him so much.
  12. stijn coppieters
    This games embodies the essence of gaming for me. One of the best I have ever played.

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