Ori And The Will Of The Wisps OST — Ash and Bone (Расширенная версия)

Расширенная версия Ash and Bone

Музыка Гарета Coker

Сообщите мне, если другие хотят, чтобы я загрузил расширенные версии других треков.

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  1. Shiny Espeon
    Love these extended themes, some of the bosses have different themes depending on what phase they are on, you think you could extend the theme for mora the spider on the final phase of her fight? If not and you just extend the whole song together that's fine.
  2. Melissa Ardon
    This is pretty nice. I only know about this game because of livestreams. Too bad my family doesn’t have a lot of money
  3. Writer’sBlock101
    When this played after finding the Moki father turned to stone with his family, my heart broke
  4. Geo
    I love that this is a variation of the main theme. That's one of my favorite concepts in music.
  5. Rohan Abraham
    Whoever you are Streetwise Rhapsody you help me study, Thanks from mouldwood depths my spirit of niwen!
  6. Drakey Fenix
    A remixed version of the sacrifice from Blind Forest https://youtu.be/NVaITrUgoP4
  7. CODE: Shadow Composing, Transcriptions and Covers
    This track never ceases to amaze me. :)

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