Ori and the Will of the Wisps — Official Complete Soundtrack Music | Deluxe Edition OST

The OFFICIAL ORIGINAL FULL GAME SOUNDTRACK (OST) from Ori and the Will of the Wisps - composed by the epic Gareth Coker.

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01 Main Theme 00:00
02 We Named Her Ku 01:56
03 A Yearning for the Sky 02:58
04 A Keepsake from the Past 06:30
05 Ku's First Flight 08:52
06 Separated by the Storm 11:37
07 Howl 15:25
08 Now Use the Light, We Want to See! 16:31
09 A Shine Upon Inkwater Marsh 21:57
10 Overlooking the Mill 25:03
11 The Eyes of Kwolok 28:48
12 Kwolok's Hollow 33:25
13 Hornbug 37:34
14 Dashing and Bashing 39:27
15 Meeting Kwolok 43:47
16 Kwolok's Throne Room 44:56
17 Sanctuary in the Glades 47:38
18 The Ancient Wellspring 50:24
19 A Look Inside 53:19
20 Trouble Within 56:28
21 Turn, Turn, Turn Again 57:10
22 Amelioration 01:00:47
23 Escaping a Foul Presence 01:02:56
24 Silent Woodlands 01:05:02
25 Reunification 01:08:42
26 Ash and Bone 01:11:48
27 Shriek 01:15:28
28 Fading of the Light 01:16:50
29 The Story of Niwen 01:21:00
30 Shadows of Mouldwood 01:23:15
31 Mora the Spider 01:28:25
32 The Eyes of the Forest 01:34:23
33 The Darkness Lifted 01:35:49
34 Luma Pools 01:39:49
35 Kwolok's Malaise 01:44:54
36 Strength of the Forest 01:48:14
37 Resolution in Paradise 01:49:35
38 Midnight Burrows 01:54:04
39 Baur's Reach 01:58:16
40 A Snowy Skirmish 02:03:23
41 In Wonderment of Winter 02:04:41
42 Baur's Peak 02:08:08
43 Escape with the Memory of the Forest 02:09:20
44 Shriek's Tale 02:11:16
45 The Windswept Wastes 02:14:09
46 Burrowing 02:17:44
47 Approaching the Ruins 02:22:02
48 The Heart Knows It's Safe 02:24:15
49 The Windtorn Ruins 02:24:57
50 Seir 02:27:17
51 Escaping the Sandworm 02:29:19
52 The Weeping Ridge 02:31:27
53 Willow's End 02:35:01
54 Decay 02:39:57
55 Unblocking the Way 02:45:49
56 The Spirit Willow 02:49:13
57 Shriek and Ori 02:52:08
58 Remaining in Darkness 02:58:18
59 A Stirring of Memories 02:59:56
60 Ori, Embracing the Light 03:02:19

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From the creators of the multi-award winning "Ori and the Blind Forest" comes the highly anticipated sequel: "Ori and the Will of the Wisps.” Embark on an adventure with all new combat and customization options while exploring a vast, exotic world encountering larger than life enemies and challenging puzzles. Seek help from discoverable allies on your path to unravel Ori's true destiny.


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Composer of Trailer Music: Pink Floyd
Track Title: Eclipse (Hans Zimmer Trailer Version Cover)

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  1. Versus Music Official
    I know you want more. Check out the -> Ori and the Will of the Wisps - One Hour of Emotional and Relaxing Music (Ambient Soundtrack Music):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj0GTYqA168
  2. AB TECH
    Wow all the music is graceful after all. I thought it wouldn’t be anything
  3. DarkestLight4U
    For those who are here and have not played the Game Do not let the Beautiful/Cuteness fool you This game is pretty tough
  4. ReveN
    If Witcher 3 was a platform game... Hands down best overall game of all times sharing first spot with Witcher 3. Boss fights had to be most epic battles i ever fought, soundtrack was godlike and flawless in every aspect, story so simple yet so beautiful and shown in such amazing way... Gameplay was like eating 5/5 star restaurant food over and over again and forgetting how it tastes - PURE SATISFACTION Graphics are amazing to the point where you can walk around making screenshots/wallpapers, fabulous... This game ladies and gents is ultimate bloody masterpiece. 10/10, definition of perfection in platform games
  5. Kevin Lefetz
    Shriek and Ori is AMAZING. Just like the full OST which is a masterpiece. But I love this one in particular.
  6. Commander & Danicraft
    I don't know anything about this game, but I already want to buy it.
  7. Tea
    This soundtrack is on another level. The boss music alone is just too good. Shriek and Ori will go down as the GOAT for final boss music.
  8. Biolojic’ & Toxical The Green G-a[s’s]-hole Trouble
    37:34 this theme must be the reason of WW2 i think xd it's completely a WW2' music

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