Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Official Soundtrack – Magical Forest Ambience

Sit back, relax, and join Ori and Ku as they listen to the full, original soundtrack recording (OST) from Ori and the Will of the Wisps composed by Gareth Coker.

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0:00 Main Theme
1:57 We Named Her Ku
2:58 A Yearning for the Sky
6:29 A Keepsake from the Past
8:51 Ku’s First Flight
11:35 Separated by the Storm
15:22 Howl
16:28 Now Use the Light, We Want to See!
21:53 A Shine Upon Inkwater Marsh
24:59 Overlooking the Mill
28:43 The Eyes of Kwolok
33:20 Kwolok’s Hollow
37:28 Hornbug
39:21 Dashing and Bashing
43:40 Meeting Kwolok
44:49 Kwolok’s Throne Room
47:30 Sanctuary in the Glades
50:15 The Ancient Wellspring
53:09 A Look Inside
56:17 Trouble Within
56:59 Turn, Turn, Turn Again
1:00:35 Amelioration
1:02:44 Escaping a Foul Presence
1:04:49 Silent Woodlands
1:08:29 Reunification
1:11:34 Ash and Bone
1:15:14 Shriek
1:16:35 Fading of the Light
1:20:44 The Story of Niwen
1:22:59 Shadows of Mouldwood
1:28:09 Mora the Spider
1:34:06 The Eyes of the Forest
1:35:32 The Darkness Lifted
1:39:31 Luma Pools
1:44:36 Kwolok’s Malaise
1:47:55 Strength of the Forest
1:49:15 Resolution in Paradise
1:53:44 Midnight Burrows
1:57:56 Baur’s Reach
2:03:03 A Snowy Skirmish
2:04:20 In Wonderment of Winter
2:05:46 Baur’s Peak
2:10:53 Escape with the Memory of the Forest
2:12:48 Shriek’s Tale
2:15:41 The Windswept Wastes
2:19:15 Burrowing
2:23:32 Approaching the Ruins
2:25:36 The Heart Knows It’s Safe
2:26:17 The Windtorn Ruins
2:28:37 Seir
2:30:38 Escaping the Sandworm
2:32:46 The Weeping Ridge
2:36:20 Willow’s End
2:41:15 Decay
2:47:07 Unblocking the Way
2:50:31 The Spirit Willow
2:53:25 Shriek and Ori
2:59:34 Remaining in Darkness
3:01:12 A Stirring of Memories
3:03:34 Ori, Embracing the Light

Huge shoutout to Moon Studios for making this beautiful video possible!

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  1. tonitgn09
    Signing Moon has been the sickest thing Microsoft has done since they launched X360. All hail ? Studios
  2. Epic Mixes
    I'M SURE EVERYONE WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO FOR YOU.❤it's awesome and explosive???Wish you will have more views❤?
  3. Neptune Death
    While loading the game. many times I just sat there humming the main theme.
  4. Rohit selva
    Whenever i hear this bgm.......my eyes automatically crying ❤️??❤️ such an awesome music ❤️?
  5. Atenea Barrios
    I remember, 2015, played the first game, 2017 Ori and the will of the wisps announced, 2020 excited becase we finally will get to know what was the real porpouse of Ori, End of Ori and the will of the wisps, realized that Ori was telling its story this whole time, and finally that live begin anew
  6. Jupetoh
    I love the complex emotion in the music of Baur’s Peak. Feels like love and lost in the Japanese mountains

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