Overwatch Moments #483

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We make Overwatch montages with high quality editing and effects expressing and showing our opinion and vision on each in-game situation.
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1) Submitted by Robin Meseure
2) Submitted by bihua chen
3) Submitted by Kyle Celaya
4) Zilla850 ( )
5) Submitted by URSC
7) Submitted by Daniel Huskey
8) Submitted by Gonzalo Olivares
9) Submitted by Korin Fox
10) Submitted by Ian Hughes
11) Submitted by Dominik Rohovský
12) Submitted by cristhian fuentes
13) Submitted by Bloody
14) Submitted by Jason Bautista
15) Submitted by USELESS-T-REX Adamovic
16) Submitted by олег маршаков
17) Submitted by Nathan LEMALE
18) Submitted by bihua chen
19) Submitted by lars.forschepiepe
20) Submitted by Dominik
21) Submitted by oleg shurupov
22) Submitted by Aspia
23) BananaToThaDome ( )
24) Submitted by bihua chen
25) Submitted by WildOne
26) Submitted by Kaminskyyy
27) Submitted by Igor Kapusta
28) Submitted by IOS Monster
29) Submitted by Ka long Wong
30) Submitted by Игорь Таточенко
31) Submitted by Joseph DeCesaro
32) Submitted by Daniil St
33) Submitted by 碩仔達
34) Submitted by Сергей Вислов
35) Submitted by Shiki Zenli
36) Submitted by USELESS-T-REX Adamovic

0:14 - 0:19 Night Riot by Mothers Madness
0:21 - 1:17 Einmals Ich Liebe Dich by Trabant 33
1:18 - 1:20 Defenders Unite by Niklas Johansson
1:28 - 1:37 Flip the Flop by Sixteen Wheelers
1:38 - 2:18 Hide and Sneak by The Fly Guy Five
2:19 - 3:25 Catching the L Train by Joe E. Lee
3:26 - 4:29 Pickaxe of the Seven Seas by Martin Klem
4:31 - 4:36 Sven Karlsson - Fight to Win
4:37 - 6:25 The Fly Guy Five - Out of Order
6:26 - 7:38 Sing It Loud by Golden Age Radio
7:39 - 9:44 Music provided by Monstercat:
Hot Date! & Chrisson feat. Roufaida - To The Sun

9 комментов

  1. Rapida
    Halloween Terror in Overwatch has begun! Which skin do you want to get most of all? :D
  2. Orbaek Poulet
    When the soldier doesnt know he can use his rocket LX to jum pver the wall, it's sad

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