Overwatch 2 Developer Update — Healing Nerfed & Doomfist as a Tank!

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Overwatch 2 PvP gameplay looks to be in its formative state, as they devs attempt to balance around the new principles they're setting for the heroes/roles/and the game as a whole.

00:00 Intro
01:20 Doomfist Tank Rework
06:23 Dva & Roadhog Buffs in OW2
09:34 Zarya Rework
13:40 Tank Buster DPS
16:57 Sombra Rework
20:52 Supports Rework
24:44 Healing is OP in OW2 so far
32:44 Brig Rework & Ana Nerf
34:18 Less Ultimates in Overwatch 2
35:47 Bastion Rework

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9 комментов

  1. Your Overwatch
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  2. Sight Zer0
    Like Anither Example They Can get Rid Of The Venom Mine Ability and her Replacement for that Can bee her, SEE Through Walls Ability.
  3. Corn Slav
    Yay doomfist is now a tank, now just mei, and possible Bastion if he gets a little more rework
  4. lovetownsend
    In context of lore, Doomfist being a tank shows how absolutely badass he is lol
  5. Bill Zusner
    No double shield? Sometimes not even 1 shield on other team? Torb spam time baby
  6. alejandro bascour
    I don't have much hope in Overwatch 2, just from the fact that they took out a tank because want to play DPS
  7. lovetownsend
    3:17 "Vastly lower CC" as Sombra the ultimate CC hero gets the easiest kill of her life lol
  8. Darathion
    it doesn't surprise me that Ana is stronger in with one less tank in game , with less barriers to stop her anti-nade it becomes a god tier ability plus her ult on at tank that now does more damage then before.
  9. thedarkcranberry
    Seems like the devs are digging a hole for themselves that will be nearly impossible to climb out of. The balance is going to be so difficult.

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