Overwatch Animated Short | “Dragons”

Discover the story behind one of Overwatch’s biggest rivalries in our third animated short: Dragons! Then begin your watch May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One:

“Dragons” explores the history of conflict between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. In this episode, we follow Hanzo as he returns to the siblings’ family home in Hanamura to seek redemption . . . and confront the ghosts of the past.

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4 коммента

  1. A Warlock from Destiny 2.
    The classic tale of brother vs brotherNow with moar honor and arrows
  2. Onepiece Tachyon
    Does anybody know what the Kanji letters on Genji’s armour stand for in English?
  3. raum animation
    Im new to overwatch and im just checking this video out and its really my favourite video now

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