Portal 2 — Going Home

Wheatley and the astronaut communicate over radio.

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So, I watched Gravity when it first released and was instantly inspired to make something space-y. It started off as a quick experiment and slowly grew into this little thing. ;)

I voiced all characters except Space Core.

1920x1080 wallpaper from the endng:

Behind The Scenes:
As per usual, thanks to August 'Rantis' Loolam for his awesome custom personality core models:

End music;
My own creepier version of the 'Your Precious Moon' track from the game's official soundtrack.

Space music:
'ISS' - Gravity OST by Steven Price


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8 комментов

  1. The Battle Cats…
    I never thought android hell was that crazy
  2. AlexBG HTF
    what is the name of the terrifying song where it locks up whetsley with the other core
  3. Jonah Yaffe
    but hold on, all the humans are dead, aren't they? i mean , this is 50,002 years in the future right?
  4. Plutoid Federal Navy
    is going home 2 even being worked on?i get they take months maybe years but i wanna know if they are even working on it

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