GLaDOS продолжает называть меня толстым | Портал 2 — Часть 2

Уитли и Джек в большом старом приключении через науку о диафрагмах, а GLADoS продолжает оскорблять меня и называть меня толстым.
Самые смешные домашние видео Jacksepticeye:/>
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Заключительная песня, созданная "Teknoaxe". Он называется «Я везде», и вы можете послушать его здесь Подробнее

12 комментов

  1. The Miscellaneous Man
    I really wish that he could attempt to make content for a wider range of audience maturity instead of always pandering to the 12-year-old sense of humor that random+loud=funny
  2. Fatal Waffle
    AWESOME VIDEO! And on the day you made this last year technically yesterday was my birthday.
  3. Jessica Harkild
    Jackson Irishman everything Jamison and potatoes
  4. HungerGamesFan88
    how havent the potatoes not rotted? even if it's been less than a decade, they should be fucked, especially given the state of the facility so far, right?
  5. DM00SE
    And he didn’t notice the last potato project was by Chell so she was just looking at her own
  6. Some One
    23:53 "Ah, this lighting! This - this is really impressive. I just love ... lighting is my favourite aspect of video games. If you couldn't tell ..." tbh Seán was the one who made me appreciate lighting in video games a lot more than I did before and I am so grateful for that :)

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