Трейлер к запуску Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2, эпическая история жизни в Америке на заре современной эпохи, выходит на PlayStation 4 и Xbox One 26 октября

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  1. Muhammad Moinuddeen
    My friend used to call this game trash so I made him play it and I had gone to his house to see his reaction to Arthur's death and when he died we both cried
  2. Felipe Asfura Popa
    We all know that this game deserved to be the game of the year, but we all still know until today that it has been the game not only of the year, but also of our lives.
  3. Einzelgänger Seydou
    On the Thumbnail, Arthur reminds me of Rico Rodriguez from the Just Cause Series
  4. Peach city
    Then I had to wait another year for it to come on pc
  5. MEY
    Did you guys saw that Arthurs skin looked healthy in the chapter 6 cutscenes
  6. The Ringo & Monte Show
    aint gonna lie ....if you notice and look hard at the resemblance style and technique of the gameplay design...its very similar to GTA 4 ....this graphics and all...is exactly how gta 5 shouldve been......where as ...red dead 2 ...wouldve been how gta 5 is now lol-thats why even to me honestly...red dead 2 is better than gta 5 lmao

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