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  1. Thomas Pankiewicz
    this really speaks to the irony of American outlaws and mafia bosses who don't know a thing about their supposed country of origin.
  2. Jeff Gates
    Roger Clark is Irish and was constantly telling Rockstar that it was pronounced Colom as well.
  3. Rifan Chandra
    Colom would never be hanged to death like Colm was.
  4. VexN369
    I find it really cute how even if he hates the hell outta Colm, Kieran still calls him the way he would've wanted to be called. What a precious boy.
  5. Manfred Wilson
    I hate how we'll probably have to wait 20 years for a sequel
  6. 610 Hobbies
    Shit, saying it like that will either get your mind blown or lose your head, amirite, Sean, Kieran?

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